Jane Franklin Dance celebrates movement through partnerships with music, media and visual artists, and community participants.

Movement makes you feel good, changes your outlook, and dance makes it easier to be comfortable in your own skin.

We are out in the community with family-friendly performances, after school workshops, and through intensive camps. Story-telling through movement is much like illustration is to a picture book. What we learn while developing movement and dialogue through the lens of the book, we bring to our summer camps. It is a circular experience, with one aspect informing the other.

Forty+ is a group of performers past the age of 40. The strength of Forty+ lies in creating choreography and collaborating during the rehearsal process. Workshops and performances takes place at centers serving older adults. Participants are English-as-second-language speakers, have differences in physical facility, culture. Moving together changes the way you experience the day.

The artistic work often places dance outside of the traditional dividing line of audience and performer. It sets the framework for collaborations with visual artists to explore the body in relation to environment, setting or architecture. Our latest work, Blue Moon/Red River, in collaboration with percussionist Tom Teasley reflects the American Southwest; wide, empty valleys, scrub-covered mesas, petroglyphs etched into weathered surfaces of sandstone. The color and climate of the landscape inspires a fascinating exploration.
Seen earlier in March 2014 at Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival, the work will be seen during Capital Fringe Festival with dynamic live performance by Tom Teasley, Jane Franklin Dance, and media by a design team from LMO Advertising.

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